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Revolutions are built on sound principles and ideologies. All revolutions have used different tools to carry out the changes people want. Some have used guns and weapons of destruction. The advent of the printing press aided the French revolution, the Arab spring, rose as a result of the internet and social media. The revolution of the next century would be aided by the adoption of blockchain technology, you don’t want to be left out. ViretCoin would play a major role in that revolution. Don't keep calm, join the revolution.



ViretCoin is on a mission to transform economics, finance, and the social wellbeing of Nigerians, through making blockchain and cryptocurrency mainstream. We are helping people see the power of the blockchain to help bring about a more open, accessible, and fair financial future, where wealth and money is decentralised and in the hands of the people. ViretCoin is here to revolutionizing the financial services industry by empowering millions in Nigeria and around the world, to carry out their daily transactions immediately and without costly intermediaries.

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We did not come to fear the future, we came to shape it.

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Use Cases

Different ways ViretCoin can be used

Chuks can send money home from the UK, he can even pay directly for products and services using ViretCoin, for example he can pay for his younger brother’s tuition fee here in Nigeria with ViretCoin.
A beautiful house is up for sale in G.R.A Lagos, it represents a good investment in real estate. Ordinarily the cost may be too much for an individual to bear alone, but the cost can be crowd funded using ViretCoin Token. The house is divide into smaller units which represents ViretCoin Token, and can be bought by different individuals to fund the purchase of the building. The total value of the Tokens would represent the total value of the House.
Jayjay is a newbie to cryptocurrency and wants to get up to speed, he does not want to miss the opportunity to better his income. Bitcoin is a bit out of his reach for now, here comes ViretCoin, a cryptocurrency that is also backed by physical assets and is targeted at the average Nigerian to give everyone an opportunity to benefit from cryptocurrency and create wealth for themselves.
Danladi is a Local Government Chairman with a mission to increase the revenue generated by his local government and ensure there are no leakages, using ViretCoin Blockchain, collecting levies and taxes becomes easy and also creates a way for employing young people in the local government, who will be involved in selling ViretCoin in their Kiosk to those who want to use it to pay their Local government fees.
Victoria wants to pay for her electricity bill, she visits a ViretCoin agent to make payment for her electricity bill.
Antipa produces paints while Tech Construct are into building construction. Tech Construct needs to deliver on a project, they need paints. Antipa need funds to deliver paints to Tech Construct. Their transaction can be done securely on ViretCoin block chain.
John is a trader, he goes to Ghana, Togo and Cote d’Ivoire to buy goods and services but has a problem with sourcing for the currency of other west African countries, with ViretCoin he can easily buy his goods from these west African countries.

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The world is changing so fast that you cannot bask in any sort of passitivity, because it does not exist anymore.

Ronald Perelman


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